Our Leadership

Dave Clancey is the Vicar at Trinity.  Dave is married to Amanda and they have three sons – Liam, Theodore, and Caleb.  Dave’s great desire is to help people grow in their love and knowledge of God, and delights that being a Vicar gives him a front row seat to the greatest show on earth – seeing God at work in people.  Dave enjoys cooking, reading, and learning patience and perseverance through playing golf badly.  

David Thompson is an Assistant Minister at Trinity, with particular responsibility for parish management and youth ministry. David is married to Maria, and they have two sons: Ezra and Micah.  Originally from the UK, New Zealand is now home, although no distance can reduce his love of Newcastle United.  

Aimee Gray is a Ministry Associate, serving and being trained in a variety of areas.  Aimee oversees music at Trinity, as well as being involved in ministry amongst women and children.  Aimee adores musical theatre, knitting, and Jesus (though not in that order!). 

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator: Karen Winder

Our Governance

Vicar: Dave Clancey

Trinity is governed by the Vestry, comprised of the Vicar and ordained assistant clergy, Churchwardens, and elected Vestry Members. Our Vestry for 2022 is:

Churchwardens: John McKie & Tim Wilson

Treasurer: David Wong

Vestry Members: Kyla Horne, Joy Penno, Martin Winder, Pretty Elsa George, Rob Vosslamber, Bruce Logan