The heart of our life as a church is gathering together on Sundays, and everyone is welcome to join us. Trinity South Christchurch meets at two times at 200 Colombo St, Sydenham. There’s no dress code, and while it’s a good idea to arrive 5 minutes early, it’s also totally fine to turn up after we start.

At the centre of our time together is hearing the Bible read, and then its message explored and explained in the sermon. We also regularly share Holy Communion – a meal given to us by Jesus – by which our relationship with God and each other is expressed and strengthened. All who have faith in Jesus are welcomed at this meal, and it’s also totally ok to choose not to take part in it. After our services we hang out and share tea and coffee and something to eat.

A few things don’t happen in our services. You won’t be put on the spot or made to do or say anything you feel uncomfortable with. You won’t be asked for money, or for your personal information. We also hope that you really enjoy yourself, meet some nice people, and come to know a God who loves and cares for you in incredible ways.

9:00am service

This service is attended by people across a range of ages. It is slightly more traditional in style, with piano music, and we share Holy Communion three out of every 5 weeks. There is good parking on site and on Roxburgh, Boon, and Southey Streets.

10:45am service

This slightly larger service is more relaxed, with praise led by a band, and Holy Communion shared on the second Sunday of the month. A children’s programme occurs during the service, and you’ll receive a warm welcome, and a great morning tea.