The goal of Stepping Up: Service is to see everyone at Trinity intentionally serving the church family. For some this might be through a regular act of service on a roster, for others it might be a sustained act of service to an individual, family, or group.

Encouragement & Support

One of the principles of the Christian life is that we treat others as God has treated us. This is true in the area of service. The Lord Jesus came not be be served but to serve. While he served us by giving his life as a ransom, his act of service was the perfect example of life in his kingdom (Matthew 20:25-28).

Two important reminders.

  1. We serve as a response to God’s love and grace. Our service of God, or of others, does not earn us favour with God. We must be alert to any attitude of heart which says “God will really love me now, because I have….” Run back to the cross of Jesus, and see there his unconditional love and perfect service, poured out on those who are his enemies (Romans 5:8). This truth both frees us to serve, and frees us to rest from service.
  2. We serve with the resources that God has give us. God has gifted every member of his body to serve and build up that body (1 Cor 12, etc.). We have all been served by God, we are all gifted by God, we are all called to serve God. You may not feel that you’re as ‘good’ at something as others, or that someone could serve ‘better’ than you, but that’s not the point. Christian service isn’t simply about getting something done as efficiently as possible, it’s about God’s people responding to his love, and using the gifts he has given for the glory of Jesus and the good of his people.

One really helpful book which everyone serving in church should read is Serving without sinking. There are plenty of copies to borrow on the church book table. It’s a good one to read once a year!

Serving on Sunday


Because we welcome all sorts of people to church, all sorts of people need to be welcomers! This is a blessing to those coming to church,  and a good way to meet people and feel connected.  Rostered welcomers work in teams and need to be at church 25 minutes early. If you’re keen, get in touch.   But everyone can deliberately arrive 5 minutes early, intentionally sit next to someone they don’t know so well, and engage them in conversation after church. 

Music and Singing

God has given us gifts with which we serve him and others.  Some are gifted musically, and if that’s you, we’d love to be able to see if you can use your gift for the good of others.  If you’re keen, get in touch.  But everyone can serve by lifting their voices as we sing.  Don’t think about what you sound like, rejoice in the voices of others!  If you don’t know the songs, maybe listen to them on Youtube or Spotify during the week to get to know them.  

The ministry of the Word

The reading of the Bible occupies a central space in our services.  We’re always on the lookout for people who can read slowly, clearly, and thoughtfully – and we can train you to do that.  If you’re keen, get in touch.  But everyone can be involved in the ministry of the word by listening to the sermon and sharing, or asking, someone what stood out to them in God’s word that day.  

Serving during the week

Fellowship Groups

We often think that attending a mid-week group is good for us (and it is!), but our attendance is also a great blessing to others.  You serve others in the church as you connect with them, and share your life with them.  You give them opportunities to live out their faith as they love you and care for you.  If you’re not involved in one yet, consider joining one as an act of service towards others (and you’ll benefit too, as well!). 


See someone serving on Sunday?  Send them an email to thank and encourage them.   Really appreciated someone’s prayers or reading or interview at church or Fellowship Group?  Write them a card telling them so.  Encouraged by someone through their words or actions?  Encourage them by telling them what an encouragement they have been!  


All of us go through tough times: mentally, physically, relationally, emotionally, spiritually.  The clergy and staff are always available to visit, call, and talk.  But we can all express our love and care for others.  Reaching out to those who are struggling or those you haven’t seen for a while with a card, a call, a visit – it doesn’t have to be long or involved –  but it simply shows you care and shares Jesus’ love with them.

What next?

The opportunities for service are almost endless! If you see a need, jump in.