Stepping Up

In 2019 we are launching Stepping Up: Growing together at Trinity.  This is a simple set of goals which the Vestry and staff believe will help us grow individually and as a church in three areas: our devotion; our service; and in our evangelism

In each area we hope to see every individual in the church achieve one goal which are set out in the following pages.  These goals are not essential to your Christian faith; meeting them will not make God, or anyone at church, love you any more!  Not doing them doesn’t make you a failure!  But they each seek to help us give expression to our Christian lives in ways which believers throughout the generations have found very helpful. As the saying goes: if you aim at nothing you’re sure to hit it.

In each area we the staff will be Encouraging and Supporting you to help step up and reach those goals. We’ve outlined different ways we’re planning on providing resources and help, but we’re also aware that there might be specific help (or ideas of how to help) which you could suggest to us.  To turn a phrase, help will always be given at Trinity to those who ask for it.

In each area we also would like to help you consider What’s Next?  When the main goal is a normal part of your Christian walk, there are options to help you continue to step up and grow.  These aren’t designed to be ‘levels’ of the Christian life, or extra for experts, but simply ways in which God’s people might continue on in their devotion, service, and evangelism. 

The staff and Vestry are excited about 2019.  We believe Stepping Up will be a help to our church.  But our ultimate help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.  And it is in humble service that we offer this vision to you, and invite your participate, for our good, and his glory